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Dubai Districts: Design District

Design District

Design District is an area located in the heart of Dubai. This location was created in 2013 and today it is a center of attraction for artists, designers and freelancers.

The Design District does not have direct access to the coast. However, this fact does not affect its popularity in any way. The location of the Design District is its calling card.

The road to the international airport takes only 10-12 minutes. This area has good infrastructure. At a distance of 2-4 km from it there are the following social and entertainment infrastructure facilities:
  • university Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation;
  • Dubai Mall shopping and entertainment center;
  • Dubai Opera;
  • Reel Cinemas;
  • premium restaurants such as Karak House, Beirut Khanum, Café De Paris, Czn Burak and Mum’s Table;
  • beauty salon Benefit Cosmetics Brow Bar Lounge.
A huge number of design installations is the main feature of the Design District. The area is also home to the Ras Al Khor Flamingo Sanctuary, a conservation area in Dubai.

The quarter also has good transport accessibility. It takes no more than 10-12 minutes to get to the city's main highway, Sheikh Zayed Road. There is also a public transport stop within walking distance.

Construction of a premium residential complex Design Quarter is underway in the Design District. This 42-storey community provides 1-3 bedroom apartments with an area of 73 m². The project will be put into operation in 2027, but today you can become a full owner of luxury apartments.

Purchasing an apartment in Design Quarter entitles foreign investors to qualify for a UAE Golden Resident Visa.
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